Hainult Forest

I set out at 9.30 on 6/1/16 to try my hand at wild life photography, however it was not easy .The light was poor and it was raining.I decided that stealth would be a good idea and  I heard many species of birds and saw plenty of grey squirrels .

After about 10 minutes walking in the forest and trying my best not to make a sound I came across a pair of Jays swooping across open landscape 20 metres in front of me ,given the lens I have I had to get close and as I got close they flew off. This happened several times ,so I decided to go down to the lake where I had a better chance of capturing some shots of birds that were not camera shy. I did however manage to catch a Robin but I need to invest in a better lens to get close up images.

I took 95 pictures today and kept 8  disappointing really but a great walk .


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