Colchester Zoo

I had a great day out at Colchester zoo yesterday ,it really is a great walk and it was funny to see all those parents of small children and babies being pushed up the many hills to see the animals  .Why did it make me laugh?

There were many reasons ,the first being that I was also taking my youngest child Heather around the Zoo for about the 10th time ,it was probably one of the best visits we have made together .The fact that she is now 19 could have something to do with it. There were no cries for ice cream ,sweets ,balloons and badges, just one cry for a hot dog and drink.

The whole experience is much better ,and they are continually upgrading facilities for the animals which is great to see .Any experience that gives children a lifelong love and understanding of wild animals and their habitats can only benefit  conservation in future.

I took my camera with me ,which is something I try to do on most trips .On this occasion I was teaching Heather how to use the camera and we managed to take some reasonable close ups of animals we normally couldn’t get close to.I think she might develop a new interest in photography ,we will see.

I hope whoever sees this blog will enjoy the pictures taken.



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