Since I was a child growing up in Basildon in Essex I have been interested in wildlife .Like many people growing up in the country, because that’s what Basildon was in the 50s &60s.I spent most of my summer days playing out exploring,climbing trees scrumping and looking for wildlife .Those long days only came to an end only when the light gave out and you contemplated what type of day it would be tomorrow.”red sky at night shepherds delight”

Time was never a concern as I walked with friends and family for miles all over Basildon, One tree hill, laindon hills ,under the railway bridge in clicket hill over the golf course sand hills, vange  and pitsea marshes and glouster park .to name a few.There was always a pond to go newting corrugated iron to look under for lizards slow worms and adders.I genuinely learnt so much about wildlife and how to be patient when looking for these fantastic creatures.

Now I have more time on my hands ,like many people you look back at your carefree days as a child and think how lucky you were then, to be brought up in such a great environment. I have found a new hobby ,photography ,instead of climbing up trees, birds nesting (I really didn’t know any better)and searching for and capturing these animals it is great to photograph them. One thing photographing wildlife teaches you is Patience ,something I seemed to have plenty of as a child and lost in mid life.

Take part in the RSPB bird watch I saw wood pigeons ,jays ,starlings and blue tits today I managed to photograph…….IMG_0852

work in progress. Patience needed


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