Wild models make my day


0G3A0062I looked forward to a exciting day out in which I could take some action photographs and possibly see some highly trained and skilled athletes. As I approached the White Water Olympic venue I was encouraged by the sign “All the action this way”0G3A0052.JPG

As usual on my days out I planned nothing. These days can be really good. I parked my car really close to the entrance and thought how great it was to able to find a parking space free of charge. This was my first visit and found the entrance to the venue quite unremarkable. I approached the entrance looking forward to the action, if not by future  Olympians  then by the general public going rafting.

However, not so much white water more like white concrete never the less it was very interesting to see how the venue was constructed and I am sure some people may find the pictures of interest but not exciting .


Looking so different from the images shown during the Games

I noticed an exit to the River Lee .After my initial disappointment with the centre I took the exit which led to the country park and tow path .To the left a path to Waltham Common to the right a number of narrow boats moored up.


I took the towpath to the left, as the towpath to the right was too short and  led to a road in the distance. around me.As I walked along the towpath I very soon became immersed in the sounds around me. At first you are very aware of the humming of traffic noise but as you go further into the park other sounds begin to dominate. Creaking trees ,the wind gusts, the sound of small birds not too far away but difficult to see let alone photograph.

The bigger birds are used to being photographed and many pose like page 3  girls, if you stay there for long enough thy will pose in any position you want .


0G3A0014_1_10G3A0012.JPG0G3A0016When I reached the lock gates I started to walk back and its surprising how more aware of your environment you have become. Running water, the first signs of spring, buds on the trees which sadly do not cover the debris left in the ditches .This was a great way to spend a morning listening to the sounds of the countryside but I probably need more camouflage to get some good photographs. As I reached the end of my walk totally chilled I came across a shrine to someone Make the most of your time this planet.0G3A0037



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