South Weald Essex

  • Beautiful spring day .I’ve been to South Weald  Park a number of times and the last time I   saw a Grebe .I was hoping  I would see this bird again and took my camera. I usually go at the weekend and it is always quite crowded with lots of families out for a walk, however today there were far fewer people and felt confident about getting some good shots I walked around the lake to the hide which sadly has been closed0G3A0294

The birds above are soaking up the sun and at the same time are sheltering from the chill wind. The grebe I saw a few weeks ago was not around and I ended up on a park bench with the sun on my back. I could afford to sit for an hour, but only saw a couple of the usual ducks (boring).They are  inquisitive and always looking for an opportunity to get a free lunch. There are strict regulations however about feeding birds with bread .They love bread ,kids like to feed them bread  so therefore its been banned ,sounds about right.





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