Lodden to Oulton Broad


Into the New Cut but guess what? It’s over one hundred and fifty years old. This is where your supposed to laugh ,well everyone who tells us this fact laughs. A very narrow channel of water which flows between. Reedham  and St Olaves  didn’t stop ,looked like boat yards .

Pleasant journey ,binoculars out looking for wild life and anything interesting .Saw Marsh Harriers ,Herons, Grebes ,Cormorants, Swans , a  variety of duck ,sorry I didn’t know their names. A selection of which you can see below.

The thing about wildlife is they never co-operate with the camera .You had to be there.

Approached the swing bridge at Somerleyton ,it was open so passed through with no problems ,we were on the River Waveney along the route passed by many drainage mills which made think of Don Quixote ,they broke up the flat terrain well.What do you think?

As you travel into Oulton Broad via Oulton Dyke on the left hand side you pass by some really beautiful houses which of course have their own private moorings ,which  is something you see a lot of on the broads “Private Moorings.”Not sure where you moor up in the summer.On the right hand side  there were youngsters canoeing from the water sports centre.Looked a lively place ,so we decided to moor here for the night.

Now mooring in a small protected harbour is easy,however mooring next to other boats in a tidal harbour in front of a pub full of people laughing at you is different.After three attempts and a minor collision with another boat we managed to moor up outside the Wherry Hotel.Then once you’ve moored up you walk past the pub of admiring onlookers and pay for your mooring .£10 for mooring but £5 off a meal ,worth the embarrassment.

Oulton Broad is a good place to stop plenty of restaurants and Nicholas Everitt Park which is really good for families ,plenty of activities from boat hire to a family picnic. Mutford Lock is an interesting watch if you haven’t seen how a lock works.The Wherry is a nice pub hotel overlooking the Broad I bet its busy in the summer ,so book.We had a good nights sleep ,everyone gets up early to fill up with water,which has to be done daily ,but no problem.Pictures from Oulton Broad can be seen below. Next stop Beccles


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