IMG_1373.JPGBeccles at first light.

Oulton to Beccles took us back on the River Waveney and we think we’ve mastered this boating lark. However  on the way we got the boat up to at least 7mph and were cautioned by the Broad Police  for going 7mph instead of 5mph ,he could tell by looking at the wake we were making .We did laugh but at the same time appreciate the reasons behind this and was only too pleased to be reminded.

Stopped at the North Cove Nature Reserve for a break and to see if we could see any wild life We could see some farmland and some long horns .we could here pheasants and tried to photograph some.Don’t hold your breath failed instead we took some arty pictures and a train.

After this brief stop we cruised to Beccles it was still daylight ,so we moored up (no problem) paid for mooring £10  plenty of room.

Beccles is a lively town but many shops closed Wednesday afternoon.We decided to look at the inside of a pub because of the rain however there are plenty of coffee shops ,Tescoe,WH Smiths, Greggs and a Pressos which has taken over a cinema.

Time for bed.

Got up early the next morning as its time to head back to Brundall ,hasd enough time to take some early morning snaps.

Heading back to Brundall…….









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