The Gibberd Garden

By Frederick  Gibberd .A really good afternoons  walk, as you walk from the entrance  the path leads you down to a wide open space where you can indulge yourself on a large swing great fun .I noticed people ,not queuing but positioning themselves so that they could be next.

Once you’ve finished reliving those childhood days of swinging as high as you can ,and thinking twice about leaping from the swing you continue down to the featured pond at the bottom of the hill.

We followed the stream at the bottom of the hill .I thought I would get some good ideas for plants to put in my modest garden then we came across some very large plants some of which were fenced off because, they can cause blistering, graphic photos were shown .

Cleverly placed amongst the planting are the sculptures 90 of them and you can buy  a guide for a £1.some of which are below.

As you walk back there are many other paths to take if you choose or you can relax at the café near the exit where the volunteers are friendly and helpful a lovely day out.

Address Marsh Lane Harlow .Open 2-6 Wednesday Saturdays and Sundays.


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