Fairlop waters

Bright and breezy day ,I have lived around here for 27 years and because of the pressures of modern living I have never really explored the park properly. It has always been a nice walk around the lake lots of wildlife to be seen.

I explored the far end of the park this time, a little off the main gravel path,it becomes much quieter  and you can hear the bird song clearly. The trees and bushes are full of berries which the birds are feasting on .However to see the smaller birds you have to let them come to you .So find a stump or grass mound and be patient.

There are plenty of Robins and got used to identifying their call ,long-tailed tits flit along the hedgerow. sadly the camera let me down. As you walk along the grass trails ,Dragonf lys are in abundance and will fly around you.

When I emerged from the wood I came out by the lake ,it gets much busier here ,most people will say good morning many have dogs ,mainly well behaved .However did witness a lady walking her dog ,tear a strip off another dog owner who’s dog  was chasing the birds ,”fair play.”



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