I have seen the light Hallelujah !


Looking back on my photos and I am sure everyone does the same, I ask myself why did I take this particular shot?  One shot of a mountain range can look the same as any other. However what appeals to me is not just the scenery ,but the light.

Light on the mountains can be a joy ,the sun poking its head through the trees and clouds can get you reaching for your camera. Light changes the colours of clouds , buildings and water and if you take time to look it influences the shots you take.

As an enthusiastic  photographer I have become quite “arty” but sadly not technically gifted and try to take pictures that satisfy me .None of the pictures I take are original ideas more ideas I have read about or seen ,Its fun looking through medieval battlements , looking through holes in trees or laying on the ground to get different perspectives, some are a waste of energy but you learn.

The photographs below incorporate the things I have talked about and showcases the beautiful country of Wales a fantastic place to visit.

In and around Aber Falls Abergwyngregyn

Views in and around Anglesey

Views around Caernarfon

And South stack Anglesey


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