The lakes Day 2

All day on the Lakes .Lake Windermere to be precise .As  I spent most of the previous day driving ,it was time to sit back and let someone else do the work.We got to Ambleside Pier at 10am and we were surprised to see a queue ,it was February! However the boats carry plenty of passengers so no problem .Some advice If its sunny go on top if not go below.Wrapped up we went on top and there was  sunshine.img_9207

A few safety instructions and we were away. Windermere, as most people know is the largest Lake in the country 10miles long, and  1 mile wide. All information supplied by the crew over the loud speaker.

To the north of Ambleside there are great views of Loughrigg Fell and Snarker Pike which can be seen as you leave Ambleside.

The first part of the journey takes you past Wray Castle to Windermere Town passing small Islands and some follies including a viewing gallery over the Lake.We decided not to alight at Windermere but to move on to Bowness,which according to a guide book was the more interesting Town.

Bowness on  Windermere is one of the main centres for outdoor activities .There are plenty of places to eat and refresh yourself.St Martins church was built in 1483 and a place worth a visit.If you sit by the jetty,there are lots of wild birds which are looking for scraps which is amusing,and gives some fun photographic opportunities.

The last leg of the trip took us to the end of the line Lakeside .We stayed on the boat as it was the last one back to Ambleside. The trip back was going to be colder ,the sun had gone in .We had seen the lake from above deck and so we went below in the warm. the viewing and commentary was just as good.

Looking out of the right hand side the skipper pointed out the numerous Hotels on the Lake ,many of which were very impressive, but the names forgettable, as I have no intension of booking. He pointed out the boat house of one hotel ,which was being used as the honeymoon suite. Another place of interest was a memorial to a soldier killed on a training exercise. Finally before we reached Ambleside in the fading light, the skipper drew our attention to the spectacular site of Cormorants  roosting on one of the Islands, the damage they had done was clear for all to see.

A great day out well worth the fare.





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