In my opinion freedom of speech and the effct of illegal immigration.

I loved my early childhood and have great memories of running free in the country .This was Basildon.Like many who have written on social media I went out in the morning and came back when it got dark.So why am I writing this?

I was not an angel, and Basildon had its problems when I was growing up . Education in my opinion was geared up to children who were highly motivated ,that left children who needed inspiration dumped on the rubbish heap of life.  Education has improved and more children are being motivated to go onto higher education which is great. However through increased globalisation opportunities for our young people are diminishing.

Immigration ,political correctness, the voice of the Liberal elite are restricting the opportunities of young people in our country. From what I read on social media Basildon’s green spaces are being built on to provide homes for the increasing population .I suspect these homes are not affordable and are not accessible to local people .The very people, who have lived  in Basildon all their lives and have close links to family and friends.

Not only have the people of Basildon lost their open spaces but their rights to affordable homes and access to services are becoming increasingly difficult .The roads have more traffic, hospital waiting times becoming longer ,and  access to the better schools more difficult. These things  were not a problem for me growing up . If this affects you and makes you angry ,think of the affect its having on your children now and in the future.

I no longer live in Basildon like so many people who write on social media. I live in Redbridge and until a few years ago visited my mum every week until she passed away . Like Basildon all areas change but this country is being taken over by immigrants we don’t need and cant afford .The government continually talk about the need for immigrants in order to ensure growth. If growth means that we become over crowded, its not for me and I am concerned for children of our indigenous population

I will leave Redbridge soon and leave it to the Muslims .Many people have done this already .I  hope Basildon retains some characteristics from the original settlers of East London .but , I personally am pessimistic .

I am reposting this blog because I am so incensed with the way our government are reacting to the number of migrants coming into our once great country.They are keeping the numbers a closely guarded secret.

Amoung others Nigel Farage the leader of UKIP has been investgating the problem.To me it is a problem.As you have read The UK was not always like this.It was not easy for our parents when we were children,but I know my mum and dad would have done anything to keep us safe and I would do the same for my children.

The Uk is opening up its borders to unregistered illegal immigrants ,they are not asylum seekers.There is evidence to show these migrants are being put up 4* hotels and given £40 per week ,trips are organised to Anfield to keep them happy.It’s a disgrace.At a time of economic crisis in our country as well as Covid19.

It’s personal, my son has lost his job my son in law has just left university and has little chance of getting work.The chances of them getting any kind of affordable housing in the town of their birth is zero.

Most of the migrants crossing the channel are economic migrants ,some will be terrorists.they have already broken the law by arriving on our shores illegally .This will only end badly.I think that I am a relatively liberal ,(you might not agree) but my kids come first .The future for them is looking quite grim .I hope I’m  wrong but if you feel the same we must speak out.We must not be silenced by the Main Stream Media, left wing propaganda and political correctness.

I may lose a few friends by writing about how, I and a significant silent majority feel.However ,I am now prepared to take this risk for the sake of my children’s future.We need to take back control now.

The date is 6/8/20 when a innocent person was arrested for filming migrants getting on a coach at Dover ,yet we put out the red carpet for those who clearly broke the law coming to this country.This can’t be happening.



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