RSPB Rainham Marshes


Visitor centre Rainham Marshes

Birding in my opinion can be weather dependent.On this day it was very windy with intermittent  showers .The scrapes were dry and the tall reeds were dancing on the boardwalks which circle the marshes.A day for a river walk.


Black tailed godwits

The tide was slowly coming in and there were a few waders and gulls picking at the mud which was occasionally engulfed by the wakes of dredgers,tankers,cargo ships and tugs rolling up the Thames.

The Skawa,tug boat Svitzer Cecelia, Cargo boat Herakles and the Dredger Arco Aran.

The Thames is a very busy river as is the QE2 bridge which can be seen in the background throughout the walk .I know its the sign of the times but I see no aesthetic value in wind turbines which blot the view across to Kent and southeast London.


A Dutch Clipper, the Golden Lecuw passed “love wind turbines”

You had to look hard for our feathered friends so the shots were not so good but I used artistic licence and the blue peter mantra “here’s one I took earlier”to show what was seen.Avocets, gulls (cop out ID)black tailed godwits, lapwings and a Kestrel.The usual sparrows ,goldfinches, crows ,and starlings were flying in flocks across the marshes.

Kestrels are one of my favorite birds so focussed

At this time of the year (early August) insects are plentiful so if birds are difficult to shoot butterflies ,bees and flies are keen to pose.

Red Admiral and Peacock butterflies are everywhere

It’s not just the wildlife,it’s the people.Like minded people who find time to watch,listen and share their stories .Recommend Rainham to all.





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