Costa Rica Villa Lapas on the river Tarcolitas.Day 4-7


Accommodation at Villa Lapas is described as basic, however I found that the chalets above are very comfortable with everything necessary for a great stay.Four nights hear ,in my opinion was too short .A lovely place and very quiet.A walk around the site reveals a river running past an open sided restaurant which serves buffet style food and drink, a great place to watch wildlife .

Views of the river around Villa Lapas

An early start and a full day at Manuel Antonio National Park.On arrival we were met by  guides ,who were to show us what the National park has to offer .The walk is easy but can be busy and a little noisy at times,book a small group if possible . As soon as we start the walk we could see and hear Capuchin monkeys high up in the canopy.

Capuchin Monkey

The flora and fauna is great and temperature is humid.You get the impression that if you stood still for too long you would develop roots.Of course you are given so much information while walking , that only a limited amount stays with you .Take a notepad.

White tailed deer ,toads,frogs and smaller bugs are underneath leaves, and hidden in the undergrowth.Leaf cutter ants ,amazing to see going about their buisness.Termite nests are common place.

On the way out of the jungle we came came across one of the highlights of the trip a three toed sloth ,not a ball of fur but one coming down a branch .Amazing.

Really pleased with any photograph in the jungle so many ,leaves,branches and handheld .(Click on Images for full effect)

The Beach

As we leave the jungle we get to the beach,sloths are common place along the beach,lizards and many species of birds.The beach is superb and the pacific warm and inviting.


Once you leave the beach there is a Mangrove area,once again teaming with wildlife.Bird species include ,ospeys,woodpeckers and herons.A truly diverse area of natural beauty.

Worth a visit take your swimwear.

Click on image for ID









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