Penas Blancos river trip November 2019

Flat bottomed boat on the Penas Blancos

Tour manager Diego continuously updated our party on what we could see during our trip.There was plenty of room to walk about with your camera taking pictures of spectacular flora and fauna on the riverbank. The guides are very knowledgeable but you need to take a notepad to inform your pictures.

Local fisherman can be seen on the riverbank

As you take the leisurely cruise down the river, howler monkeys can be seen and heard in the trees feeding off the leaves . Although not particularly bothered by trippers ,they will throw the odd branch your way. However they are beautiful creatures (but not easily photographed).

Howler Monkeys

The river trip takes you briefly into Nicaragua, a novelty stop but fun and interesting to hear about how immigrants go to Costa Rica to pick coffee beans and set up their own small communities near the border.

The Nicaraguan border

The river is tidal and joins the pacific as the tide comes in masses of birds fly in to feed.Brown Pelicans, in huge numbers make a spectacular site .

Other birds include Royal terns ,Osprey, plovers ,laughing gulls,cormorants and Ibis to name few

This was an amazing trip other birds to follow.



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