Before corona virus ,The Lakes, Scotland and North Yorkshire. Part 1.

Just recently returned from a country that gave us Rab C  Nesbitt, Nicola Sturgeon and Jimmy Crankie. The Corona Virus was in its infancy in the UK , Cheltenham had just finished and life was carrying on as normal. Pubs ,hotels,holiday parks and rentals all accepting guests.A stopover in the lakes was needed for our trip to Loch Long ,Argyle.

We stopped at Nether Wasdale a small village which had two pubs; my son David chose well. As soon as we arrived I saw a dipper (sadly no picture).0G3A4992

Irt Cottage Nether Wasdale

Our first walk was to Stanley Force in Dalegarth- a moderate scenic walk which crossed the river Esk and followed a stream up to a waterfall, passing a picturesque church.

St Catherine’s Church

Our first challenge was the stepping stones which was fun considering the dreaded knees.There is also a bridge crossing. My sons dogs loved it .Walking upstream was beautiful and provided many photo opportunities.

David ,Meghan, Skyla and Caramel

Day two, I promised myself a crack at “Catbells” near Keswick ; over ambitious it turned out to be. Difficult to park near the bottom of the walk even though it was raining,so it was a good walk to the base.I estimate we got a quarter of the way up and decided to turn around “bloody Knees”.The views though were terrific.I hope the phone shots do it justice.

Well done to David ,Meghan and the two dogs who practically ran up it. LOL

Catbells from below and on.

A stop in Keswick ,a beautiful market town helped the recovery.Well worth a visit.

If you click on the photos and click again you get full screen .Much better.

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