Covid 19 Scotland and North Yorkshire.Part 2

Beautiful Scotland.As soon as you leave Glasgow the country is fantastic,if only the weather was a little more predictable.It rained throughout the first two days ,but as they say, there’s no such thing as bad weather only bad clothing.We stayed at Forest Holidays on the banks of Loch Long near Ardgarten ,Argyle.The lodges were  roomy and dog friendly with a hot tub .Staff were brilliant and the views were great.No sign of Covid 19 as yet.


The map above shows our location at 2 and our first walk in Scotland,which takes in Crowe water and the Ardgarten forest as well as the banks of Loch long, about 3miles in distance and fairly flat.0G3A5889

Map of our first walk in Ardgarten.  The photos below give you a pictorial view.


View from the lodge

The entrance to The Cowal way after a beautiful walk along Croe Water; there is an information centre here as well as toilets and a phone box .Mobile signal not great.

Photos looking down on Loch Long

The bridge across Crowe water was down ; this was the alternative(the fallen tree) or a long walk around.We took the walk and headed back in reverse, to be met by a lovely shag on Loch Long.Time to hit the bar- draught Guiness.

Click on individual photos and click again ; its like being there.


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