Oban,Covid 19 taking its toll.

The journey to Oban was magnificent and the weather never let us down,sunshine,cloud,hail,snow,rain and very windy.Perfect.The views were typically highland and the roads pretty much empty.

Views from the A85

Oban was the stepping point from a previous visit to  Inverliever lodge an outdoor pursuits centre originally owned by Crown Woods school Eltham.My first school trip.I digress.I don’t remember the town being so built up  but it clearly must have been, plenty of shops and restaurants surrounded the harbour.

Views of Oban from the Harbour

The big news in Oban at the time was the lack of toilet rolls in England,but there were plenty up here,no panic as yet.After lunch we found a lovely quiet beach north of the town a great place to walk and take in the scenery.The locals here walked their dogs on empty beaches and were very proud of the fact that they lived in such a beautiful place.

Views from the beach at Oban loved the snow capped hills.

Wildlife can be seen on the beach and in the harbour .I thought I saw a Glaucous gull but sadly it was just a herring gull,a common gull and  turnstone,on the beach at Oban were a pleasant spot.

Dont forget to click and click again for full page pictures

At the moment we are all on lockdown and the trip seems a long time ago hope everyone is staying safe and sincerely hope Boris our prime minister pulls through .

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