North Yorkshire. Click on pictures twice.

Last part of our trip “upp North” Malham ,was on list of places to walk. Situated on the Pennine way. Malham cove is a limestone ,horseshoe shaped rock face ,suitable for rock climbing with steps leading to the top, for fit walkers.

The walk to the cove is very picturesque ,if your lucky peregrines can be seen looking for prey in flight. Belted cows were seen eating the lush grass and drinking from the streams.

Sadly everything was closed in Malham  due to Covid 19 but ,when this is over ,this part of Yorkshire would be worth a visit. For our visit we stayed in Giggleswick across the bridge from Settle.

From Giggleswick there is a short walk along the river Ribble ,where grey wagtails can be seen .The church is also something to see with some really nice stained glass windows.

Top tip, take in the cheese and wine farm shop on the A65 which gives you a chance to see how cheese making is done, and you get to taste the cheese. Happy days.


3 thoughts on “North Yorkshire. Click on pictures twice.

  1. Lovely pictures . can’t wait for lockdown to be over to explore more of the U.K. and our beautiful countryside . I’ll be the first to book a lovely weekend away.


      1. I love this place, I spent many happy winter weekends with the eagles, hawks and dogs on Malham Tarn around thirty years ago. I even named my pointer Tarn. The farmer had a massive rabbit problem and the only place I have seen with a similar population of rabbits is Wick. We would drive up on a Friday night, drop the farmer a bottle of Scotch and sleep in the van for the weekend. Happy memories, thank you.

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