What are you doing in Lockdown?


The most important thing is to try and relax.This is very difficult if you want to get out and about .The same boring walks are not very inspiring. A glass of Chianti helps ,one of those essentials you need to shop for.

My sons Ben and Dave love golf and miss it like mad .There are no ranges open and no golf courses to play.Dave lives in a flat, but, two dogs get him out and about.Ben however ,has improvised at home,with a mattress ,duvet and some heavy duty pegs. Hevs is having frisbee lessons in Putney.LOL

When you click on the image it rights itself.

I got really bored, and inspired by by people on news broadcasts I got the bike out .It’s been five years.However the old saying “its like riding a bike came to mind”So I pumped the tyres  up,and set off to Fairlop waters .IMG_2729

The first part of the trip was easy ,down hill all the way . Things ,however started to go wrong, I’d forgotten how to change gear. No worries. I wanted to see what was behind me .”Blast, not that flexible anymore” (something to work on)I know cross the road at the zebra crossing ,wait till its clear .Result, flat on my face .”Ouch”. Still never mind  if you fall off get back on. Sore though ,not as young as I was.

This brings me on to another thing to do First Aid. Make sure you have Savlon and plasters.


Not the only injury ,hands, fingers and elbows, Take care out there.

The next video is chipping I’ve done this but not as dedicated as Ben. However its very safe.

Video will turn the right way ,when you click play

The moral of the story is stick to what your good at today, not yesterday.


Bee from the Garden ,photography is safe.

Be safe hope I’ve inspired everyone to drink more wine .Happy days.


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