Tennis BHTC: It’s all about the people.


Its not the tennis I miss so much , it’s the interaction and banter with everyone. The weather is irrelevant – the cold, a shower, no problem. Too sunny ? Believe it or not it’s a problem. Windy ? Well we all suffer from that!

The appreciation of the worst shot you’ve seen, when a simple hit into space will do. The laughter that follows. Priceless. The exchange of lifetime experiences we’ve all had that suddenly crop up during a rally or game; who sang that song back in the day ,who was that film star, what film, what year, where’s the best place to stay in the Lakes?

The cry of “specsavers” when someone makes an unbelievable call ,when a ball hits the line and “chalk” flies up .Emulating McEnroe.

The technically gifted amongst our peers are always appreciated ; those who like to give you coaching in the middle of a game to help you play the next shot better.

Its all about the people.

One of the funniest moments was when a newly qualified physio turned up for social .At one stage players were queueing for free medical care .LOL. Good banter though.

As for the tennis, being out in the sunshine is a tonic in itself for a few hours a week ; it’s not even the exercise ,as doubles tennis affords little .However, on occasions you can hit the best tennis shot in your life for a winner. Hugely satisfying. Hope we start playing again soon .Stay safe.




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