The innocent years 1960-66



Me and my lovely Mum I’m wearing  my designer gear.

No worries, no fears just very happy years .I went to Fairhouse school  1 year in the infants and the rest in primary.One of my happiest memories at school was playing cards (not poker that came later)Tea cards, cigarette cards and bubble gum cards.My son now has a small collection but he never had fun with them.I was very good and had a large biscuit tin full.

Games I remember were” Flicksey, and Knocksey downsey”The goriest cards and my favorites were the American civil war bubble gum cards which I used to buy at the Long Riding shops,the smell of the gum lives with me today.

The Head teacher was Mrs Green,other teachers I remember were Mr Beadle who loved playing rousing classical music .Mr Hyde ,and Mrs Thomas who cared about me and will always remember her fondly.I remember…

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