Ready ,camera action. June 1st 2020

A significant day most people will be allowed to go out and mix with friends and family, be it on a limited basis. However people love breaking rules ,they did it at school so why not now. Today in London people demonstrated in their thousands in sympathy of an avoidable killing in the USA and the parks and beaches have seen record numbers for this time of the year. My blog ,seems a bit silly in comparison to what is going on in the world ,but “hey its my blog” and  I’m paying.

After a week without my camera I finally managed to take some photographs with my 70-200mm .I actually felt excited and I was only in the garden ,would the pictures be sharper? Those who know my pictures ,make up your own mind.

I’ll try to get out tomorrow and use my long one. But generally pleased with the pictures ,a positive start to a new month .I hope people are being ALERT. Good health .

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