The man next door

I sit, I stare- it’s fun to watch

If looks could kill, I would be dead.

He’s such a twat.

He thinks he’s tough ,not tough enough.

He’s grown a beard, how weird.

He pushes people around on the underground.

He’s just a pushy twat.

Partly furloughed, he’s got time on his hands.

Too much I think, the twat.

They’re a family of hamsters, the running machine takes a pounding.

The weights crash down on the shed floor.

A house full of twats.

He hates me using the garden, he says I’m intimidating

Poor muscle bound soul.

He’s a twat.

I have seen twats like him before and I only laugh at him because,

He’s a twat.

It’s like fishing for mackeral throw out the bait and he’s easy to catch.

When he bites , I reel him in.

He’s such a twat.

Why do you sit at the top of your garden?he gasps and rants.

I’m sitting under a tree , It’s 33 degrees.

Hes such a nosey twat.

He’ embarrassed himself, and now storms back.

Like a fish making its last fight.

What a twat.

His reaction is predictable, spouting nonsense and hot air.

As a last resort he shows me his IT skills.

A sign is printed Tom ,Peeping Tom it says.

He’s a bigger twat than I thought he was.

He’s still on the hook but his fight is fading,

A last gasp, he sits on his chair and lands on his butt he hits his head on the shed.

A stupid twat.

I try not to laugh but its hilarious ,my fish has been caught .

Hook ,line and sinker.

Prize twat.

No one will read this but I have found this a cathartic exercise.



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