Selling a house.A family home.Part 1

Decision made we’re selling  our family home of 18 years.This is is a journey I’m not looking forward to.Well not true ,I want a new phase of our life to start .We have three children and like a lot of people moved to the area to get them in the “right” school to give them the best chance in life.

We moved from a two bedroomed house to a four bedroomed ,it made such a difference ,a bedroom each for the kids.The school was a disappointment ,but that’s another story.Choosing the right house is so important,”location,location”.Clean streets, parking for cars and a quiet road.Neighbours are not important ,you are a family unit thats all that matters.Your at work all day and the kids will make friends at school.

Our first job is to find out the value of our property ,so we’ve made appointments for estate agents who’s fees vary.Did you know it’s a secret?unless you fill in your name address and telephone number they do not want you to enter into their estate agent world.Having said that you can get a very good estimate by looking online at houses in your street..So, two appointments this week.

By the way our kids are grown up and its our time .”Love my kids dearly.”See what I did there ,just incase they read this.I need an emoji.


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