Selling a house .Part 2

Well that was an interesting process.Two companies trying to get your custom .One company was clearly cheaper than the other.A no  brainer you might think .Both great sellers , very sincere and were convinced they had the right product,a very difficult choice.

The first company gave us a pretty accurate market evaluation based on the properties sold in the area and offered us a good deal.They were keen to have us on board but we needed a more up to date evaluation.After asking questions about our up and coming surrounding area and the potential that we saw in our home, we felt it was’nt shared by the agent.Great person but it was a more about turnover and the fee.

The second company said all the right things about our home,which is a great start,The agent showed us the market evaluation which came out practically the same ,as expected.The reason for this was the number of houses sold in the area ,very few come up for sale ,which has to tell you something. Both agents evaluation fell well short of our expectations and after some discussion ,and the fact that I was’nt selling cheap the agent agreed to test the water at a price we wanted.

The second agent knew we had seen another estate agent which made the whole thing quite competitive , which was good and made them try hard for the buisness.As a result I think we got a good deal for us which is more important than cost.Sadly we had to let one of the companies down but the agent  was pleased to have feedback. However was clearly disappointed.

So we got a price to sell at what we thought our house was worth ,(only time will tell)I’m interested to know how it all turns out.Read all about it.




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