There is a time of life which comes around when, metaphoretically speaking you have to take more care of your plumbing and guttering.In this case I really needed to look at my guttering.When you’ve got a block you have to clear it.I had no control over my guttering and when you lose control, you make a mess and it can cause problems elsewhere.

I am of course writing about the guttering on my house,which with the help of my son I managed to clear today.There is a very old saying ,passed down from father to son, builder to builder.Don’t climb a ladder if you’re over 55. So, I sent the monkey up the ladder in the true spirit of victorian values ,where sweeps sent children down chimneys.My son climbed the ladder.


Yours truly doing what I do best now, holding the ladder.

The reason for this sudden urge for DIY was that after a trip to the supermarket on a very wet day ,I got wetter going through the street door than going from the car to the door.It was obvious it was a blockage which needed clearing. Once up there, the true extent of the blockage became apparent.Buckets ot Saharan sand and moss.The reason for the blog is that I took some photos to show that my guttering was now clear and that my neighbours also had a potential problem .Life’s a blame game in London.


Very pleased with this job; Well done Ben and thanks to Matt for the ladder.

With respect to Tom who does it for a living.Roofing that is.





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