In my opinion freedom of speech and the effct of illegal immigration.

The world has not improved


I loved my early childhood and have great memories of running free in the country .This was Basildon.Like many who have written on social media I went out in the morning and came back when it got dark.So why am I writing this?

I was not an angel, and Basildon had its problems when I was growing up . Education in my opinion was geared up to children who were highly motivated ,that left children who needed inspiration dumped on the rubbish heap of life.  Education has improved and more children are being motivated to go onto higher education which is great. However through increased globalisation opportunities for our young people are diminishing.

Immigration ,political correctness, the voice of the Liberal elite are restricting the opportunities of young people in our country. From what I read on social media Basildon’s green spaces are being built on to provide homes for the…

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