The Kestrel,a continuous story last updated 20/10/21

The Kestrel hovers effortlessly and is a remarkable bird.I have rarely seen kestrels in pairs but you will occasionally see them squabbling for territorial rights

The kestrel seems at ease with human presence and very often will surprise you. My favourite place for Kestrels has to be Rainham Marshes RSPB. However, they can be seen whilst driving a car anywhere next to rough ground,grassland or enbankments by the road side- often perched on lamposts.

The poor picture above illustrates the focus of this bird in its determination to survive despite my presence as it hunts for small mammals like voles, mice and shrews. Kestrels are really common in the South East ; there are up to 50,000 pairs recorded in the UK. However, numbers in the 70s were 100,000. A loss of habitat and poor farming practices have been responsible for their demise.

I just had to update this post .I visited Fairlop waters last week and I spent an amazing half hour with tis incredible bird.I hope you enjoy the pictures.

As with all photography light is the key, some shots are better than others.


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