The river Thames a working river-Rainham.

If you want a breath of fresh air,walk along the Thames. As an amateur photographer there are some great opportunities for interesting shots.Then if you look on the shipping website you can find out a little bit more on who actually uses it.The Thames and the bridge were very busy.

This walk is something I’ve done many times before as I normally go to RSPB rainham marshes but sadly the centre is not open Monday to Wednesday,I can only assume this something to do with furlough ,very disappointing.

There were plenty of sparrows approaching the centre, which was great to hear and see. I didn’t expect to see many birds due to a strong gusty wind.Anything I did see would be a bonus.The tide was in and created some interesting shots.

I saw 2 Ro Ro ferries used for transporting cars to and from Europe.Yasmine and Celestine you can clearly see the cars on board.

The RSPB centre looks a sorry site with its drawbridge pulled up to stop thieves and vandals.

Wildlife was not abundant but I did see my favorite bird of prey being buffeted in the wind.A Kestrel

Some more boats crossed my path from which you can see Docklands in the distance and the odd duck bounced on the waves.

A great 1 hour walk along the Thames.


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