Birds of Ingrebourne park Havering.Essex wildlife trust.

Ingrebourne park is owned by Havering council and the visitor centre is run by Essex wildlife trust.It seems a great marriage, I have been here several times out of lockdown and the park is a valuable facility in a densely populated area.I would like to congratulate the council on it’s policy on charging for parking, at this park there is no parking charge but if you travel to Redbridge a neighboring borough you will be charged for exercising and using parks an example of this is Fairlop waters. As a result Havering borough contribute to the health and well being of its residents.

The wildlife in the park is very good and viewing areas are well informed.This blog however is about the birds and I managed to take some pictures of a green woodpecker,robin,great crested grebe,crows,sparrow hawk, moorhen,mallard and coots.

Worth a visit 8/10.


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