Richmond Park London.

I have lived in London most of my life and rarely venture to the west side of the city. Richmond Park was therfore somewhat of a surprise. It is one of the Royal Parks of which there are ten. As a person who loves nature, my daughter has been encouraging me to visit for a while now as she regularly visits and cycles around the park at weekends.

As soon as you enter the park you notice that there are a lot of visitors; many arrive by car , some by public transport, but one thing that stood out was the number of cyclists tearing around the park.

Cyclists and cars compete for the road surface; pedestrians should not stray off the grass for fear of collision. I am sure you get used to it but it is a little strange where wild animals roam freely.

The deer are beautiful, both red and fallow, and you can get really quite close; the park recomends fifty metres but few people observe the distancing- a little like social distancing for Covid.

This is the rutting season but I failed to get a picture of the rut or of a bellowing stag (though I did see some youngsters rutting and a large stag bellowing). The numbers are strictly kept down to protect the ecosystem and a cull starts soon. Someone should cull the cyclists – a joke.

The colours in the Isabella Gardens were fantastic but for some reason the pictures came out a little blurred. The bird life and sounds seemed to be dominated by paraqueets clearly attracted by the sweet chestnuts.

If you looked carefully there were many types of funghi to be seen. Have some fun naming them.

So much to see and we only got a brief glimpse of what it has to offer.The park has a lake, stream and brooks which I will look forward to visiting next time.The park has cafes and toilet facilities, for those planning a visit.


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