Minsmere ,RSPB Reserve,Suffolk.Tyrannical oppression and a virus.

Sitting on the North sea coast I have always enjoyed my visits to minsmere. A place where you can relax and listen to the sea crashing against the shingle with the wind blowing and the sun shining. There’s no better place to be. On the beach nobody worries about you spreading a virus: freedom!

However, as soon as you get to the entrance to Minsmere you are met with a perspex screen , so much for protecting the environment.There are signs telling you to keep social distancing, to sign up to the trace and track app and to keep to a one way system.What an oppressive way to to run an outdoor nature facility. This is my opinion but as far as I know we still have freedom of speech.

If you want the toilet there is a queue as only one person is allowed in at any time. This is a facility that can cater for 5 in the mens, even allowing for safe social distancing, so why the harsh restrictions? Not sure about the ladies but they’re used to queueing.”Why do they put up with that?”

Moreover, in the cafeteria every table has been segregated by perspex which creates a very inhospitable eating environment. It was no surprise that everyone chose to eat outside! It seems to me that things have gone too far; the government and media have scared people witless. Usually, those who visit nature reserves are friendly and used to communicating with other like minded people. Now, most keep their head down and don’t dare get within a metre of anyone without them giving a “snidey” remark made under their breath. Long gone are the days of pleasant conversation about wildlife sightings.

We have to live with this virus protecting those who are vulnerable .If you are in this category take responsibility and protect yourself. Everyone else get on with your life. I am a pensioner myself.

Rant over – enjoy the photos.

I hope the pictures above give a great impression of what Minsmere is like I reccomend a visit.


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