Covid 19 please or offend: Lockdown is not the answer.

Before writing this rant I wrote down a list for and against lockdown. Something I hope the government did before they made the decision to lock down. I have to say my list confirms to me that a lockdown is not the answer. I shall start with the pros for a lockdown and I have to say it’s a very short list, leaving me open to a criticism of being selfish and not thinking of other people.

The first time we had the lockdown people locked into the idea of protecting the NHS. The government backed this up by investing in building overflow hospitals that were never used.

The government also, quite rightly, decided to try and stop the infections spreading which it did and managed to suppress the virus in the short term. However ,suppression is all it will do . It will not defeat the virus as there is no vaccine.

Protecting the vulnerable is very important; we no longer send covid patients back into care homes-lesson learned. We know the demographic of those at risk and we have learnt a lot about treating those who have the virus. As a result the government have allowed schools and universities to open.

All of these things will no doubt help to suppress the virus but not end its threat. The virus is not the only thing we should be thinking about it.

We need to get our mojo back. Life is on hold and the mental health of the country, if not the world, is at risk. As you get older time is more important than wealth and we need to make sure this virus (and that’s what it is) doesn’t determine who we are.

With new restrictions placed on us by the government we are becoming increasingly frustrated and angry with each other; the internet is littered with examples of this anger.

The government in my opinion has lost credibility. Boris is obsessed with this virus disregarding other issues directly related to public health and well-being. For example, the world is littered with covid-related health warnings, an example of which can be seen above from the London underground; however, if you look closely the train is basically filthy leaving the public in danger of catching untold germs. Meanwhile people’s health is suffering with treatment for other ailments suspended or delayed. The NHS has a backlog of cases and follow ups are shoddy and unprofessional. A personal anecdote comes from an experience I had over the phone with a cancer doctor who had cancelled my follow up appointment and told me to check my groin for lumps. Really? Is this what we can expect from the NHS that we are supposed to be saving ? Another appointment was changed at short notice but, no worries, I’m still here.

Boris and associates tell you to exercise and yet they closed golf courses, gyms, RSPB reserves.”I need a drink!” Sorry, they closed bars and restaurants as well.Quite rightly people wanted to protest and took to the streets in London .The police beat them up because it was a protest they didn’t like.

The statistics the government peddle, practically daily, are scenarios and predictions. Only this morning 2/11/20, Andrew Bridgen said unless they take these new precautions there will be 180,000 new deaths. I find this prediction is what it is – a scenario. There is no actual evidence to substantiate it.

One way you can protect jobs, the economy, people’s health and the future is to shield the vunerable. However, those most at risk and those people who know someone at risk should take on personal responsibity for their own actions, and the rest of us get on with our lives.

Last word is about Track and Trace costing billions of pounds. It does not work; testing centres are empty ( evidence can be found on the internet).What a farce.

This time last year and nothings changed,today the politicians vote on more restrictions 14/12/21Save us from Boris ,so we to can party.


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