Avery Hill College teacher training 1979-1982 part 2

More sport .As I mentioned before in a previous blog , Avery Hill was a small college and most students joined in wherever possible.Like football all registered sports and clubs were given a small bursary to buy kit or pay for facilites and competitions.Credit must be given to all team captains who organised training ,arranged matches and coached and trained players.It didn’t just happen.This blog is about the students who represented the college.

Mixed Hockey

Terrible picture I know ,its been in my album for 40 years, I think we actually got to the final in this home competition.We played Sunday mornings after church ,if I remember right. Students from all years played.Great fun.The names, once again I leave blank and as I said before nobody will recognise you now.


A very social game and very civilised ,tea and biscuits then finish off down the Dive.I never played before college,but if you could throw and catch you were in.Practise nets were fun and remember the effort made to turn me into a cricketer, once again invaluable knowledge and preparation for school.

As my cricket improved and after three years of standing on my own in a field ,I occasionally got a bat and a bowl ,whizzing through the order from 11, down to 8 or 9.(Talk about make up the numbers) It was a case of unrecognised talent, because when I started work I regularly batted 1 for the staff team.Wish I could see my stats now, someone must have the scorebook.


Now this,was a really silly idea.I only went along to have a sing song and drink some beer .The team ended up playing in the British Colleges at Crystal Palace with hundreds of people watching.I was nearly sick before I fought ,what an experience and we won a team bronze, despite my efforts.

If you wanted to compete in sport, Avery Hill gave you the opportunity.Other sports I competed in were Basketball in which I was regularly fouled out or kept the bench warm for long periods, volleyball ,which included a trip to Loughborough for a friendly and Rugby.

A wealth of experience which served my thirty five year teaching career well.

Two more blogs on Avery Hill will follow ,thanks for the memories.

Thanks to John who took most of the pictures.


6 thoughts on “Avery Hill College teacher training 1979-1982 part 2

  1. Hello Dave?
    (My guess!)
    I was on the movement studies course two years above you.
    I’ve enjoyed your blog and passed on the pictures to friends on our WhatsApp group.
    One of us googled Avery Hill dive bar and so we saw your blog.

    Ian Noble 77-81

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Great times Ian ,I also looked on that dive bar post which inspired me to post the pictures I collected. Sadly not the photographer but Im sure John wont mind, as I haven’tseen him for over 40 years .LOL Thanks for the feedback I don’t usually get any.I remember your name who did you hang around with ? What was your sport .Altziemers.


      1. Hi.
        Did I guess right at Dave?
        I was in the same group as Andy Preston,Fitz, Paul Figg etc.
        I played a bit of footie when we went up to Liverpool and Manchester
        But my sports were Basketball,tennis and Volleyball.
        I’ve got some photos with you Craig and Ken.
        One on the coach going up to Liverpool I think!

        Let me have your email or WhatsApp and I’ll send you some photos of you like.
        Ian N.


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