Avery Hill 1979-82

When I decided to go to Avery Hill to study P.E.( movement studies )not one person said to me it would be difficult and that it would involve long hours in the library. It was in fact the exact opposite the happiest of times.I played sport every day and went to the Dive every night.Heaven!I met lots of talented sports people who shared their skills willingly. As far as the social side is concerned Avery Hill was a social club that ran 24/7.We were together from breakfast until bedtime.Every team you played for had a social evening so, the more clubs you joined the more social evenings you had .If you ran out of sports you could join the Drama club or sing together.

Friday night was party night at Avery Hill,Jeffrey Halls,Toga !Toga !and a mods night .We scratched around peoples wardrobes and got sheets from our beds.Big night was Christmas dinner especially my 1st year.Slaughtered for a change.


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