Summer and Winter at Cuckmere Haven,Sussex and the South Downs Way.28/6/21.

A river walk is one of my favourite things to do and this walk is very easy with plenty to see.The distance there and back is about 3 miles and you can make it as easy or hard as you like. From the visitor centre on the map above, head towards the beach. If you like great views, looking at birds ,butterflies and wild flowers, it’s a joy.

There is a charge of £4 a day for parking and when fully open there is a visitor centre and toilet facilities.The car park is quite small so I would imagine it gets busy at weekends.

The River Cuckmere meanders through the park; if you take your binoculars you get a great view of the litle egrets that feed there. We visited on a very dull and drizzly day which brightened up later; the more light the better the pictures.

Wild fowers of the South Downs.

Vipers Blugoss Yellow horned poppy Scarlet pimpernel

Above are some of the various wild flowers to be seen. Where you get wild flowers you get bees, birds and butterflies, and so the cycle continues.

The butterflies were plentiful and colourful.

The beach at Cuckmere was pebbly and the cliffs a beautiful chalky white; all around were the beach flowers that could only grow in such an environment. As the mist began to lift you could make out the coastguard cottages and Seaford Head.

Birds of the Seven Sisters Country Park.

To summarise, Cuckmere has grassland flowers and outstanding views with chalk cliffs; well worth a visit.

Visited 28/6/21.

14/1/22 Winter

Winter at Seven sisters Cuckmere Haven is an entirely different prospect.The visitor centre is now partially open with toilet facilities available. However, the fact is crossing the main road is a little daunting to anyone not fleet of foot. I came especially to see the short eared owl and I was not disappointed. We were quite early and the day was beautiful, so we headed for the beach .The scenery was fantastic with the sunshine providing some great reflections on the water.

On the walk to the beach we came across some beautiful birds.

Click on images .

I love the beach .

The short eared owls

At around 2.30 we left the beach to search for the SEO an elusive bird ,but I had heard that it was about. At 3pm we could see a number of birders scattered on the hills around a valley; from them I was assured we were in the right place.Then it appeared . It was a long way off but I thought if I keep firing away with my camera ,I could crop later and the results are below.

It was soon time to leave the moon highlighting the way home.

Great place spring to follow.


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