Avery Hill practical assessments 1979-1982 the best years.Gymnastics and Dance.

Avery Hill was about continuous assessment throughout and I have to say I think most of us enjoyed showing, what we were physically capable of. Some of us in the group were county and even national competitors and it was great to see them perform during the assessments ,they set the bar really high. I came into the frame as what I called an all rounder.The pictures I have posted ,were taken during gymnastic and dance assessments ,I can’t believe we are all in our 60s now.Happy days.

Assessment time , was a time when the years above would help choreograph final sequences and show off their skills to the cohort below,they were always in the gym with us.Our gym lecturer was Pat Eaton and always dressed for the part however, not many demonstrations were done.LOL

As you can see we had some very talented students who could do free cartwheels and handsprings, the pointed toes and straight legs did improve over time.The crucifix was done by standing on a box. You had the option in year 1 to be assessed in dance or gymnastics ,most of the lads chose gymnastics ,not really appreciating the aesthetics of dance. A missed opportunity?

We had Ms Philpott for dance rather strict and didnt seem to have a sense of humour particularly when the boys would hide behind the curtains at the beginning of classes .Ms Philpott had an assortment of leotards one for every occasion.I was particlarly fond of the green one.

The pictures below of dance are from our final assessment and I have to say they did a great job.The pictures are not the best but bring back memories of our group.

I hope the pictures bring back happy memories of your college days and I apologise once again for the quality of the pictures.More to come.


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