Camber sands in East Sussex.

It’s been nearly six months since my move to East Sussex and I’ve been busy settling in to a great village ,It’s like going back in time .We used to live in Hainult for Gods sake,I should have moved earlier.Hainult was winding me up big time particularly the traffic and the lack of any space to breath.The picture above was taken just seven miles away from our village and is a regular haunt ,I’ve even been swimming.

As you approach Camber it can appear to be a little run down, particularly the Pontins holiday camp which I remember working in during the seventies.The chalets on the seafront side look exactly the same.There are a number of small bars on the approach road which look quite good and I will visit sometime. During the school holidays Camber gets really busy particularly on hot sunny days and signs often tell you to try visiting another day.

As you can see from the pictures above you must choose the right time to visit, after 6pm there is free parking.If you climb the dunes the black headed gulls are easier to photograph in flight.Camber sands is a great place to visit.

It’s taken a long time to start blogging again .I have plenty of photographs and I will try to be more cosistent with my posts.I will leave you with a final evening shot of Camber.


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