English traditions have not all vanished.They are thriving in Sussex where people work hard to keep them going.Northiam Bonfire Society are keeping up traditions and raising money for charity.

Everyone loved carnival; the different floats were organised and decorated by local buisneses and organisations. It was fun. I always remember a local man leading the procession on a white horse (or was it brown) ,dressed as a cowboy. Anyway, it was a tradition that went on throughout my childhood and then it stopped. Once something like that ends that’s it .

When I moved to Northiam I thought I left all that behind me,but no. According to Wikipedia, bonfire societies were set up to celebrate the downfall of Guy Fawkes on the 5th of November 1605. These societies have been going for centuries but sadly this tradition is being slowly extinguished. However, in Sussex the tradition continues and raises thousands of pounds for charity. And so it was that on the 9th of October Northiam kicked off the series of processions, continuing around Sussex throughout October and culminating in Lewes on the 5th of November.

The procession was noisy and colourful with people dressing up in menacing costumes. Fireworks were set off and loud cannons woke up the peaceful village. Everyone had a fantastic time, the children carrying glow sticks of their own through streets lit by flaming torches. A carnival atmosphere took the procession down main street and back to the cricket field where villagers were greeted by a live band, a bar and fairground rides. A huge bonfire lit up the night sky and a great firework display thrilled spectators.

A fantastic Sussex tradition which is well supported; may it continue to thrive.


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