Rye,9/11 is it significant?

Since moving to Sussex,Rye nature reserve has become one of my favorite places to visit.This autumn has provided us with fantastic displays from birds on the reserve.On this one day 9/11. Rye provided me with:a lone great white egret,flocks of golden plover and a curfew of curlews.

It takes a lot of work to protect the reserve from nature itself.The coastline is continually being buffeted by the tides with high tides filling up the salt marshes to dangerous levels.While visiting it was interesting to see some of the work that is needed to repair the effects of long shore drift with huge trucks moving shingle west towards the Pett levels.

Rye is a working harbour and has its own lifeboat .On this day 9/11 ,the lifeboat was called out to assist our border farce.On this day 9/11 the number of migrants that landed on our shores were 1,185,most of whom were undocumented middle eastern muslim men.This number was officially recognised by the UK government as being a record.

There are many people that use Rye :photographers ,artists,walkers ,birders and cyclists.Photographers like myself are looking for pictures that tell a story ,while artists try to capture the moment.

Coming to the end of 9/11 the light changes to reveal another side of Rye and one hopes that those who have invaded our country do not seek to do us harm, as in 9/11(Americans turn the numbers around.)

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