Folkestone Harbour was such a surprise and has a lot to entertain you.

I had a couple of hours to kill one sunday afternoon. It was a very dull day, however there’s something really uplifting about the seaside and what it has to offer.There was no shortage of people out walking on the harbour. There were even people surfing on what was a cold afternoon. At first glance, it looks like any other seaside town – a beach, restaurants, hotels, pubs, and a railway station.

The station houses a pub,great toilet facilities and art work leading from the harbour to the town.

Exhibitors include Tracy Emmin , she of the famous bed at the Tate modern.

As I have said, this was December and cold but there was something for everyone. As a keen birder, the harbour provided me with a few sheltering birds to photograph.

From the harbour there were views of the beach where surfers braved the weather and children played in the sand. Dover harbour can be seen in the distance as waves crashed against the shingle beach.

As the light faded, there was the opportunity to watch the sun go down from the beach. On the way there I saw some youngsters enjoying the artwork and they clearly enjoyed the fact I was taking pictures; I did ask first- nice lads.

West of the harbour a shingle beach produced some great pictures of sunset and restaurant options at twilight.


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