Romney marsh wildlife centre,visited 4/1/22.

I was keen to visit this centre but on a cold winters day it didn’t look particularly inviting.However, there was a warm welcome and the ranger inside explained the layout.There is a cafe and toilets and it is also dog friendly.The ranger explained that it was great for grass snakes and lizards,(I chose the wrong month)There were robins and blackbirds on the day I visited but not much else.The walk is muddy with a number of small ponds, which would be great for frogs,toads and dragonflies when it warms up.

A lot of tree cutting had taken place when visiting and it was interesting to see that the stumps were cut and drilled to encourage insects to nest.

We headed out towards the lookers hut which, is what they called a person that looks after small flocks of sheep ,that belong to many people. A shepherd looks after one flock .

Only blackbirds and robins.


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