RSPB ,The great british garden bird watch .29/1/22

Last year over 1 million people submitted their results to the RSPB website giving them an amazing amount of data regarding the state of garden birds throughout the country.At the end of the count the information gathered is published to reveal how healthy our bird population is.The data is not hidden away ,but shared to all participants.

I wouldn’t say I was a twitcher but I love watching birds and wildlife.I take pictures of what I see to keep a record however,the quality of the shot is becoming more important.Today I sat in the living room taking shots of what birds turned up,I have no control,1 hour only.The results were disappointing ,in terms of numbers,my garden gets many more visits than results show..The results were as follows: 2 bluetits, 6 goldfinches, 1 dunnock, 3 starlings, 2 blackbirds, 4 collared doves, 2 carrion crow, 2 siskins, 1 robin and 1 wood pigeon. I bet there are many more tomorrow.

A great way to spend an hour ,there is one day left get involved.


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