Northiam Parish. No mow May 2022.

Wild flower meadow at Dixter.

Reading a post from a word press contributor,” Organikos” has inspired me to tell you what our aim is in our village Northiam,Sussex. A conservationist named Brian encourages people in the village to observe “no mow may.” Northiam is a well kept village with some outstandingly beautiful gardens and I get the impression untidiness is against the norm .

However most people in the village can clearly see the benefit of leaving the odd stretch of land to grow unkempt where nature can do its best to encourage all manor of insects ,mammals and reptiles to thrive.

Creating a wildflower meadow is not easy to do and can take decades but you have start somewhere.I have a small strip of land beside my house which is being used for this purpose. It does look messy but I have wildflowers growing and I do take a lawnmower to it around the end of June.This year I will document what I can see growing and the wildlife it attracts.

There’s not much growing at the moment but there are signs of oxeye daisies which seem to love the site. The hedgerows in the village are alive with nesting birds , and there are signs of bluebells breaking through the woodland undergrowth. Spring is here at last.

Wood anemone
Snake’s head fritillary
Forget -me -not
Pussy willow.

I will add a post to show the results. I hope its successful. Have a great summer.


One thought on “Northiam Parish. No mow May 2022.

  1. Dave. Similar photo to one of yours at AHC ….it shows Craig, me , Martin ( Mile End Annexe  guy ) . Craig and I did  lot of judo in Sittingbourne at the dojo of Martin Clarke (R.I.P ).  Regards IanSent from my Galaxy

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