Rhodes 11/5/22-17/5/22 staying at The Atrium Palace near Lindos.

The (part sea view ) room we stayed in.

Before I have a little rant, I have to say the hotel was very good 8/10 ,however it was sold as a 5* hotel and when we visited before the pandemic it was faultless.

It was fantastic to finally get away ,we decided to visit the hotel again in an attempt to get our confidence in travelling back. In that respect it was a great success. We were initially concerned about the travelling ,covid restrictions of which there were many : three jabs, social distancing ,testing and masks to name a few. We timed our trip just right and most of the restrictions were lifted.

We organised everything on line. booking seats, covid passes and once arriving at Gatwick went through baggage handling without a problem. There were still airline problems with restrictions on in flight refreshments but on the whole a good experience. 8/10.

Easy jet flight

Accommodation was good, food was ok ,except the a la cart ,which was away from the main restaurant and was excellent.

Yummy, for starters I had mussels and the best fillet steak I have ever eaten followed.

Time for a little grumble.

The staff were great but being early in the season there was a lot of in house training taking place. As a result service fell short at times. Drinks around the pool were served in paper cups and the cocktails were poor. An app enabled you to order refreshments to your sun bed which was great.

While on holiday we saw a full lunar eclipse sadly I only had my I. phone.

Full lunar eclipse .

The evening entertainment package ranged from good , to year 10 dance club.

Hotel entertainment.

One terrible thing about a package holiday in the past, was the fact that you could never get a sunbed. This I thought had gone away ,but the Germans are back (true)

Germans chase off other guests .ha ha.

Sunbeds have all been taken grrrrrrr

However we had a great time and managed to see a few birds around the hotel. (great stuff.)


Hotel views ,were great.

The beach bar was closed ,which was disappointing .A solitary hooded crow and the beach and bar.


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