Northiam “no mow may” 8/5/22.Insects ,birds beetles bugs and flies.

If it wasn’t for No mow may the plant above would not have grown into the beautiful specimen shown above. The plant is Sorrel.

The image above is my small but tall meadow

Common selfheal ,grazing cattle and squabbling jackdaws.

The weather is poor at the moment and is clearly affecting the number of different species ,however my small but tall meadow continues to give enjoyment for me. The garden is crowded with fledglings, supported by their caring parents.

Below you can see a : Black and yellow mud dauber or sometimes known as a thread waisted wasp, hover fly , a metallic green tachinid fly and some blue tits.

I have been very disappointed with the butterfly count so far this year but I hope to get more when the weather improves .However, the numbers of spiders and moths are showing.

Below you can see :a yellow shell geometer moth, wolf spider, and a fairy wing long horned beetle

Once again the invitation is there to show and let me know what you’ve seen. More to follow.


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