Tibbs farm, East Sussex.2/7/22.The great English countryside, insects as well.

Pick your own.

The family wanted to go fruit picking at Tibbs farm today .I have been to Tibbs farm on many occasions for a light lunch and the food is mainly produced on site .Because of my knee injury I tend not to go too far from a sit down ,so I said I would scout for some bugs. As you can see the hedgerows have been allowed to grow so I was confident about seeing something. To the left of the shot above was a strawberry nursery, which you can see below :

Strawberry nursery.

In the background you could hear the call of the chiff chaff but sadly I couldn’t get a shot .However, I did see quite a few insects .As you can see below some posed but others I will shoot another day. In the distance you can see the beautiful English countryside.

The insects above are Speckled wood butterfly, meadow brown, red soldier beetle, comma butterfly and a honey bee.

This place is really worth a visit and is child and dog friendly ,service and facilities are good.

In the summer you can pick fruit and go on a tractor ride at a charge ,I would give the restaurant 5/5 for what’s on offer .Typically their jam sponge is £3.50 “yummy”. A must visit.


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