Northiam, East Sussex. 5/7/22. ST Francis Fields. A conservation project in action. +Winter on SFF 16/12/22.

As a newcomer to Northiam I am still exploring the village and what it has to offer. Northiam has a thriving conservation society and is very active around the area. I love reading about peoples ,experiences and memories of the village and its flora and fauna. I have been to St Francis fields a few times but never when it’s in full bloom. got to be the best bug hotel in the village.

This blog is about recording what I have seen for future reference, but credit should be given to those people who make such a great contribution to the development and upkeep of such a valuable site. Northiam is also a great place to visit .

Up the path ,through the gate into the orchard.

Meadow brown, honey bee, common red soldier beetle, and a gate keeper butterfly.

Once out of the orchard walk around the well managed wildflower and grass meadow to see more wildlife and the efforts made by conservationists to record different species. Mats are placed around the field to encourage snakes ,lizards and slow worms, all of which have been recorded on the site.

Meadow grasshopper, seven spotted ladybug, a flesh fly and a pollen coated honeybee ,are recorded above.

Follow the signs around the fields which take you down to the stables where there are some very old oak trees, turn right out of the gate ,right again ,up church lane. A fabulous walk.

These winter scenes are connected to my previous post ,so I have just added to it. The photos were taken on 16/12/22 and gives a contrast between summer and winter .I don’t feel that I need to add any more detail only that some changes are hopefully going ahead by adding a pond which will improve the biodiversity of the site. I will report back when the pond is underway .Exciting times ahead.We are also monitoring the wildlife regularly.

The trails around SFF are easily accessible but icy.

The road up to Northiam church is picturesque in the snow.

There are stables on this site.

Northiam church overlooks the fields.



Song thrush

Northiam church St Marys

It is Christmas 2022 and I am hoping everyone has a happy Christmas. David.


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