Birds of Rye harbour 14th October 2022.BTO breeding numbers.

All photos were taken on the day as a record of what was seen.It was a very dull day and the highlight for me was the grey plover. Information was taken from the BTO website .

Oyster catchers, Amber listed with 96,000 breeding pairs with a lifespan of 12 years.

Common ringed plover, Red listed, 5,500 pairs lifespan 5years.

Dunlin 9,900 Red listed lifespan 5years.

Turnstone. 43,000 birds Amber listed, Lifespan 9 years.

Kestrel Amber listed, 31,000 pairs. Lifespan 4 years.
Curlew Red listed, 59,000 pairs, lifespan 11 years.
Redshank Amber listed, 22,000 pairs. 4 year lifespan.
Stonechat Green list , 65,000 pairs.
Starling Red listed, !,8 million pairs. lifespan 5 years. RED because Recent Severe Breeding Population Decline.

Little egret ,Green listed, 1,100 pairs, lifespan 5 years.
Little grebe ,green listed , 5,500 pairs lifespan 6years.
Cormorants .Green listed 8,900 pairs ,Lifespan 11years.
Linnet .Red listed, 560 pairs, RED because Long-term Severe Breeding Population Decline, lifespan 8 years.
Grey plover, Amber listed, lifespan 9 years.


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